Watch “Knoydart trip and Ladhar Bheinn summit” on YouTube

Three friends since the age of infancy and a dog called Guss. What more could one want to be a part of in the wild, early days of March. The weather has poured, the wind blown and the small town of Inverie is still shut for winter.

Yet there is ever optimism in the air when the these three folk come together and for good reason. Years of taking the chance, daring and doing it anyway have led to both great epics and failed miseries. Through it all we have ever been able to turn it into something worthwhile, even if only to laugh at it.

I am the cameraman this time around and the cautious one of the three, as is my nature to be. Sam Turner is the taller one who struggles with the river, he’s the activator, the one who motivates and moves us. Tynan is the smaller chap, ever filled with disingenuous optimism he is the resilient one, always thick skinned and willing. Guss… well he’s the dog and he’s growing up into a proper hound.

Together we do alright somehow and as the skies cleared on our second day, after we had made the very journey over and spent out first night in the bunkhouse, we decided to summit the mountain of Ladhar Bheinn.

Journeys like this bring us to life, as we are born to be alive. We are awake to the day, living in the moment and in tune with our environment. This is only to evident afterwards once we get home and the senses dull and we are taken once more away from that.

May we ever find a mountain to climb when the skies clear and be reminded what we are.

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