Watch “30 days of calm Day 29” on YouTube

Day 29 of 30 days of Calm and this penultimate vlog is hopefully a worthwhile watch.

So today us a very pleasant look into the importance of being gentle with ourselves. “Life is tough”, “only hard work and discipline gets results” and “concentrate!”. These are all examples of some voices we hear growing up that teach us to develop an inward facing critic.

This critic can be useful but very often we give up to much of our attention to it. The reality is that to truly find balance one must consider both the need for focus and the need to let it be. With focus we manifest order but by non judgement and compassion we allow life to flow as it naturally does.Balance is then found as the calming of many waves, the gradual return to normal after a storm and the eventual middle point at which a pendulum will find itself.

In meditation we can often think to much of how it must look or be practiced, how straight our backs should be, how uniform the breathing and how hard we must fight against thoughts/destractions. Yet that approach will only ever lead to failure and self shaming. The better way is to put your attention simply upon what is and not to get engaged when destractions arise. If you need to scratch, do so and think no more of it.Often it is only when we let go of total control that we leave enough room for the rhythm of the practice to play. By acceptance of all that is and attention purely upon that, the monkey mind will settle in time.

We need both our prickle side and our goo side to dance together. .

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