Watch “30 days of calm Day 28” on YouTube Day 28 0f 30 days of Calm.

Let’s drop any hint of a sales pitch for today’s vlog. I never wanted to sell calm or meditation with this practice but no doubt over the course of this project, I have done just that. The truth is that there have been a lot if benefits gained but plenty of frustrations and downsides.

That’s what I want to reflect about in this vlog, in as Frank and honest way possible. The practice, the intentional giving of such a gift to oneself can open up many doors. Usually because we are not conscious enough to see the ones already before us.Yet not all of this project has been practice and meditation. A lot if it has been editing and social media which has somewhat taken away from the purity of the practice. This was bound to happen and was infact part of the original intention, to learn about film/editing/YouTube.So join me as I discuss this and also the ever important topic of self esteem. Once more we examine how it can only be our own authority through which we can give ourselves permission to be ok. The cultivation of inner awareness with help us reveal the inner critic and challenge it directly.

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