Watch “30 days of calm Day 26” on YouTube Day 26 of 30 days of calm and once more we celebrate our individuality.

Life can be be difficult game to play because as much as we are really just confused monkeys, awake to a reality far to complicated to really understand, there seems to be an awful lot of rules. These rules and way are taught as if they are inherent within this existence, as if morals, virtues and standards are as fundamental to existence as gravity or light.

When looked upon like this, the strangeness of the story we have bought into becomes fairly obvious yet do we really know what impact it has had upon our minds? Since we were young and innocent a thousand ifferent ideas of how we should be and what is ideal, acceptable and normal enough have been shoved down our throats. Then on the other side of that, if we want to rebel, there is another way of being that despite being opposite in a appearance is really just another outfit given to us.How often to you look at a cat or a dog as it snoozes away the afternoon and ask yourself what right you have to ke such a complicated mess of things?After all, in the grand scheme of things there is no reason to suggest that the cat has life any less figured out than we do, in fact they maybe able to teach us a few things.

So today we celebrate our individuality but not the various identies we have aquaired but the non identity. The you as you are and the relinquishing of ideas of how you should be or what you should be doing.

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