Watch “30 days of calm Day 25” on YouTube Day 25 of 30 days of calm and after a long week the morning started without an alarm and we contemplate the impact this practice has had.

In truth, after a prolonged period of hard work and keeping really busy, I struggle somewhat with that feeling of restlessness. My rest is well deserved, I know this, I have spent a long time awaiting it and imagining how sweet it would feel. Despite that I am beset by guilt… but why?

There is an additive quality to workinh hard, we feel exhausted by the end of the day and at peace because we have had purpose. This is why boring but we’ll paid occupations can be difficult to maintain if we are supporting only our own wellbeing. In those situations the obvious fact that money does not equal happiness is just to obvious as we get home unfulfilled and rest feels much like anything else. At least in those situation we are given the opportunity to do the very rare and unheard of thing… to develop a sense if veing ok.

With the emphasis that only hard work will liberate us from our feelings of unworthiness comes a most malicious trap. One in which we are doomed to drive ourselves into the ground as we escape those irritating thoughts that chase us whenever we sit still. But there is a choice, one that restore balance to life.

This choice is to be ok with yourself, as you are, warts and all. To be fundamentally accepting to the point where no self judgement is accepted and we instead reside gladly in that self, as that self. Then we can rest and likely we will cultivate more rest in our lives to ensure it becomes a staple of our everyday.

A short 10 minute meditation can do wonders to ensure that happens and for me personally, this project was just the beginning. Even once the final video is released I will consciousnesly put my hard work into living me.

You are ok

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