Watch “30 days of calm Day 24” on YouTube Day 24….

This meditation was done at the end of a long day when sleep came to easy and keeping my head up was hard enough.Yet afterward, once the tired mind had quietened and all was still I was filled by whole new type if will. One triggered by the subject of this practice… noticing and challenging the stories.

Ultimately the mind chatter, the script and the various stories that rule our existence are not easily overcome. Yet if we follow the inquiry into them they ultimately lead to a very profound place.

What is left once all stories have passed? Is it more story or a blank page ready to be written?In meditation we can ask this question directly by looking at each story of the mind and asking how or if it serves us, whether there is any truth to it and if in the end it is entirely fragile and doomed to fade away.Inside this depth is a truth we are all due from birth.

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