Watch “30 days of calm – Day 23” on YouTube

Day 23 and we are once more directly challanging the narrative of thoughts and story they spin together which by it’s nature keeps us captured in its web.

The chatter if the mind, if truly looked at comes to such little value, under inspection. Of course, the mind is a powerful and useful tool and when directed properly with clarity, can lead to wonderful conclusions, new ideas and solution never before considered. Yet the majority of the time this is not the case, the thoughts whiirl around aimlessly and take us, time and time again, down rabbit holes of self criticism and ever annoying rumination.

Beneath this noise is where meditation can take us as we willingly focus our attention, not upon the subject matter, but upon the thinker itself. Who is the thinker and is this thinker of the thoughts the very same as the thoughts themselves?

This challenging question is at the heart of self inquiry, which as a path led to practices such as meditation. Ultimately the practice is designed to still the thoughts by removing our attention from them. By doing this the attention moves to the thinker of the thoughts and when that happens a doorway opens to an experience of the self.

The great sage Ramana Maharshi directed seekers to one ultimate question that leads us within.

“Who am I?”

When we see that we are not thoughts, then we see that we cannot be the answer thoughts alone give to this question…

How deeply can we go with this?

Untill there is nothing left…

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