Watch “30 days of calm Day 22” on YouTube Day 22 of 30 days of Calm and today we aim to look stupid for the sake of growth and learning. The ego often so kean to take itself seriously will hate such a counter initiative idea. We are always on edge and needing to defend ourselves from attack and woe upon us should we dare to try something while the whole world looks on.. poised to point and laugh.

With many if the tasks I have been undertaking lately I have had to learn new skills, to use tools for the first time and to change my approaches rapidly as in quickly noticed where I was going wrong. This made me look stupid plenty of times and some were more than happy to point this out but I persevered. I persevered because I’ve been lucky enough to accept myself whennim looking ridiculous.

How else could I put my face up on the internet, make YouTube videos or try projects designed purely for creative expression? The only way was to accept that I would be doing it wrong, looking stupid but learning each and every time. This skill is called the skill of learning and more than any individual skill it is valued highest.

The same approach is required to daily meditation because we will immediately face an ego unwilling to let us enjoy the practice…

“You’re doing it wrong”, “This doesn’t feel right” and “I’m so bored” are just some of the familiar sounds.

Yet the moment we notice them as what they are, just sounds of the inner critic and nothing in the ultimate sense if things, then we are liberated. Notice where your mind is getting in your way and step away from the ego. There you will grow, learn and love to looks stupid because it means you’re doing something right.

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