Watch “30 days of calm – Day 21” on YouTube Day 21 of 30 whole days if Calm… although that’s not true… not at all.

In truth the term is loose… It’s far from calm, the everyday charm, living on this human farm. We spend our days in a haze a kind slave, just the type we need to save. So we seek, just peak… if that space that open place.

Meditation, just 10 minutes a day… It’s not enough on it’s own to solve the problems of the mind. Yet with persistent practice something greater arises… a kind if inner stillness. Then the storms begin to pass as one by one they teach us to surrender… to let life flow.

Then we are free, ultimately ourselves… and we can with ultimate permissions love that and gift that love to the self. For ultimately who false must we love but that self first a foremost. Actively seek and find the time to let that self be itself.

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