Watch “30 days of calm Day 20” on YouTube Day 20 and thanks to a long day of labour I am late posting but it was worth it!

Today’s meditation took me into a deeper place of grounded reality. One where the everyday grind is in fact slowly becoming a part of the practice. 10 minutes a day was just the start and although it continues it evolves and effortlessly integrates into the moment.

So the subject was ‘random acts of kindness. What a simple but world changing part if life such delicate moments are. They influence this world so much more than we will ever see in TV or the news.

They appear in life almost randomly and allow us a brief, untold moment in which we are the hero. Yet their moments are not selfless for what we gain is doubled in terms of emotional satisfaction.

The world will be unmoved by the news as it feeds of the chaos and thrives of cknsra injustice. The world will evolve because of those small deeds, the small moments that appear forgotten will amount to so much more. That is the power of a small act of kindness.

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