Watch “30 days of calm Day 18” on YouTube On day 18 the weight of the practice in combination with the editing, filming and social media demands are taking their toll. On a daily basis it can consume quite a lot of time but we’re learning everyday and growing in new ways. Besides the practice is to far along to give up so may aswell accept it.

With regard to today’s practice, a comment has challenged me, my life choices and my path at their very core. It is a simple comment made in jest yet it is one that strikes at the heart of where I am most vulnerable. As I pursue a new path with a fierce loyalty to my heart no matter the direction, this question comes to turn me back… I will not.

It has been a lifelong journey to arrive here and the sacrifice one must make in order to leave the established path and live outside of societies box means you cannot turn back. I could not return to the box unless I found a way to completely accept a lie about who I am and what I should be doing. The box is a trap and it’s one our minds thrive on because inside the box we are powerless, safe and stale.

Let me be clear, the box is a trick of the mind and in terms of how life is lived, one person’s daily activities may be freedom while the same activities may be entrapment for another. Here we are speaking about the inner choice to through caution to the wind, expose your ego for all its flaws and live according to you. For those accustomed and comfortable to the box, this choice will seem like madness, laziness, neglecting duty or just plain wrong but that’s their problem…

Acceptance of your own imperfect nature sets you free to walk your own way because of course you will make mistakes… if anything you look forward to them. For those who would challenge you, the answer is simple For you are manifesting the living answer.

Be true to who you are no matter the consequences, if you must hide then hide knowing that you are hidden. Never waste time convincing yourself that the false path is reality because ultimately we know better.

To those who are establishing their first tentative feet outside the box, all my love for the whole world is watching.

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