Watch “30 days of calm Day 17” on YouTube on day 17 of the 30 days of calm it’s time to get a bit serious. It’s time to wield the sword on truth and plunge it into the heart of ego by following the toxic pathways that lead us into unconsciousness. Such a challenge is hard to face because not all of what we keep in the shadow of our hearts is easy to look at.

Yet no pursuit is more worth it’s trouble for ultimately it is leading us forever towards deep freedom. This freedom is profound, full of wonder and alive in truth but often feared. We fear it because even when we pursue it, the path can be difficult to tread and require an open heart, quiet mind and acceptance of much we seek to avoid.

Regardless of the challange we must wonder what else is there for ultimately we are willing slaves the moment we forsake the pursuit of freedom. In slavery we can spend all our life energy convincing ourselves and other we are free and happy yet inwardly this is simply not true. So we must ask ourselves the question and answer it with brutal honesty:

‘Do we actually want to be free?’

Perhaps we truly do not after all the matrix feeds the small mind and can often taste very nice. Therefore we can continue the game but in that we are vulnerable to toxic thought patterns that will ever lead us and those around us into chaos.

Be brave warrior of light, for the pursuit of truth is a periless venture yet all the universe is willing you on.

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