Watch “30 days of calm Day 15” on YouTube Day 15 and I am halfway through the journey if 30 days in which I meditate daily using the “Calm” app.

This vlog has followed this journey into the experience if self and uncovered a good deal of ego. Ego is that conceptual self full of story and wholly dependent on script. It is the usurper of being and the reason we so often live unconscious of life and caught up in the minds web.

Daily practice, particularly when it’s led so elegantly by the narrator, is a sure fire way to challenge the role of the ego mind. We are so much more than just that and so easily made small and full if limitations by the simple belief and attention we give the ego. The truth, the whole experience of being is universal and infinite, calm and everlasting.

It is the sound of the birds, the tingle in our fingers, the knowing that we, before all else, simple are. Know this and nurture this for ultimately there can be no greater purpose for existence. All else requires some level of sleepwalking and does little justice to the potential of inward peace.

There is no great event to mark the birth if the self simply the relinquishing if all that cannot be considered truth in the light of consciousness. Gradually we recover into self and the ego is once more the simple servant. Then all else can be done without attachment and awake.

So jpin me for day 15 and let’s explore our own truth at this halfway point 🙂

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