Watch “30 days of calm – Day 14” on YouTube it’s day 14 and a Sunday. The pace is suitable for just that as we drift closer to the halfway point and my resistances slowly crumble.

Breathing just like a yogi I experience the strange sensation that tensions are loosening as the practice ends. The topic is gratitude and it has me dogging deep because it’s talking about applying it. It’s so much easier to just think about sometimes…

So I’m honest and confess that yeah I feel grateful but do I always show it? Especially then it involves a close relationship with a history of saving face?

“No way” I think, “if I thank them this time ten they’ll expect it next”.

Yet as someone who lost his father a couple of years back I realise now, (like so many others) that this sentiment just doesn’t fly. What we don’t appreciate is the hole left behind when someone goes and if we’ve neglected to show gratitude, the taste will be ever more bitter. Perhaps envisioning that is a good way to challenge the ego when it says “No” as the heart says yes.

It isn’t easy but practices like this help cultivate awareness and through that we can bring a lot of heart into life. Let’s bring that heart in wherever we notice it could do with some applied gratitude.

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