Watch “30 days of calm Day 13” on YouTube It’s day 13 of 30 and perhaps the most obvious indicator that these are filmed several days ahead.. it would be impossible otherwise but today I have a beer in hand and it’s time for unconventional meditation!

Today we looked at anger. I certainly, (in line with the steryotype of red haired folk) can “lose it” and find myself cursing under my breath, throwing my badminton racket/golf club or general ranting in my head. By finding better ways of communication, cultivating self love and through medition, anger becomes less of a “foe”

In fact behind anger is often some deeply held fear, perhaps my ego is scared of losing power or control, perhaps I’m afraid I won’t matter or worried someone doesn’t care. Either way by examining the root of anger it’s quite refreshing to see that it had a purpose… almost like an alarm telling me that I’m not seeing something. By looking at anger this way it’s been enjoyable to accept it and even welcome it.

Is this the transmutation of anger? Who knows because I still throw my badminton racket 😂


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