Watch “30 days of Calm Day 11” on YouTube Today we arrive at 11 days into this 30 days of Calm project.

The attention of the breath and the rhythmic grounding such a simple practice nurtures is proving a real benift. I mean that earnestly and it’s having measurable effects on every moment of my days. The massive dramas that used to dominate and absorb my attention are now nice among the grass.

Today we look into resistance and our tendency to foster and harbour our resistances. Particularly when they are responsible for keeping us hidden, safe and secure. This is when they must be transmuted through acceptance or else they will forever be fed by our deep feeling of low worth.

This feeling has built up though years of been made to believe it and years of our attention on it. Yet with daily practice we begin to see the nature of the mind and the depth to which the subconscious controls us. Ultimately we have engineered our limitations and these arrive each time resistance makes itself known…

“I’m not good enough for that”, “they were just luckier than me” and “well it’s too late now anyway” are all examples of how we resist our own progress. The truth is if, if we can accept ourselves and our own role in the suffering we have cultivated then we can overcome it. We can have the courage to be disliked, to do it anyway and to simple be the person we ultimately know we are.

To all those who get on your way know simply that they are reflecting onto you, the same resistance that has been previously put onto them. Ultimately there will never be a celebrated critic and they are intact our teachers. If someone criticises you when you act out of a genuine place then you’re doing something right 🙂

Be like water

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