30 days of Calm – a Journey

The start of a Journey

As of 2pm on Monday the 4th February (2019) I will be releasing a daily vlog over on our new YouTube Channel. These short videos will follow my journey through 30 days of meditation (via the Calm app), to see if and how this practice can impact daily life. Using the ‘daily calm’ 10 minutes, guided meditations I will reflect on their impact and discuss the various topics raised throughout in these short videos. See day 1 below:

Why 30 days of Calm?

The idea behind this little project is three fold. The first cause is that of daily practice and its more obvious benefits in terms of grounding and gratitude. Secondly is to force myself into the video creation and editing in order to gain some practical skills as I am currently a complete novice. Finally is the more general reasoning behind this project and Adventure and Arb, which is a platform for expression and a chopping block for my ego.

I spent 2018, (the year I turned 27) discovering more about life and myself than at any other period in my own short history. As a result of this, I am filled by the unavoidable urge to push myself out of the ‘comfort zone’ which offers only a hidden, prison-like existence now. Therefore I am pouring myself totally into projects such as this so long as they serve to excavate me from behind the many walls we all build to keep discomfort at bay.

What are the benifits of daily meditation?

Perhaps the best way to expand what we know of ourselves is simple observation itself and through meditation, we are finding a direct path to this state. The majority of our time today is spent lost in a world of thought in order to survive the modern world but thought is only a very small and actually quite limited part of existence. By meditating we are actively engaging with reality at a much larger scale than usual, (imagine pulling away from a microscope) and ultimately engaging with the very base of our being as simple awareness. This is much how we first experienced the world as young children, where memories were not so complex and life was spent almost totally in the ‘here and now’.

Thoughts, although helpfull have a sort of toxic fallout which is particularly prevalent today with such a constant interaction with information which our brains must process. As a result, we get very little time away from thought. Where once a relatively mundane existence would give rise to plenty of ‘down-time’ when the brain, not being needed, could unwind and be as it is when we look out over the ocean. In this state it reboots and relaxes and we can feel a deep sense of gratitude while we reside within a simple state of existence.

Today with phones, email, messages, calls and rapid-fire information well established as the modern world itself, moments of such tranquility are rare and sorely missed. As a result, many of us are feeling more unnatural, stressed and disconnected than ever before and in some ways, have even forgotten that life exists without thought. Therefore, there is a need for our intentions to refocus and by practising meditation we are willingly engaging with life again and taking a short break from the mind.

Why only 10 minutes?

Look, once you have all the theory, read all the books and admired all the experts, there comes a time to integrate what you’ve learnt into your own reality. With an intention to expand our consciousness and the bringing of presence into our lives, the next step may well be a practice that helps cultivate those qualities. Despite this, the very idea of sitting quietly on your own without distraction can fill many of us with dread and seem impossible despite how easy it truly should be. This alone is a sign that our times are somewhat out of ballance but if we are to re-address this then 10 minutes is a good start.

Combine that with a gentle voice of a narrator and a willingness to forgive yourself on the journey then we have a formula that just may work. Over time the practice becomes easier; then something to seek after and finally into a way of living, transcending the need to practice anything if one continues. Still there are many pitfalls and distractions so some self-compassion will also be essential because if you’re doing this for yourself then you need no expectations, only self-love.

Like and subscribe

So this is not the first last project and theres a whole 30 days of the journey before we round it up and see how things went. So head to youtube, like and subscribe and come along 🙂


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