Expanding the Expression

Hello and welcome, get yourself comfortable and take an easy read.

Adventure and Arb has been a collection of my methods for expression since it started from fictional short stories, to tree specific information to photography and all that’s in between. I kept the title as adventure and arb because they cover the two topics I feel most able to consider while ‘adventure’ can have a multi-layered meaning for which I will more than use to my advantage.

This multi layer is the obvious external adventures like my Camino de Santiago and Offa’s Dyke long distance walk. Yet it also concerns another form of adventure which is the fundemntal adventure of life which very often takes the form of expressing ones internal desire to do so. As such I talk about things spriritual, esoteric, scienctific, phycological and profound (or at least as they appear to me).

Now I am looking to broaden my horizons for the sake of this fundamental expression no matter what form it ultimately takes! I am asking you to join me… it is not that I am seeking to do this for that purpose but actually that I feel a far greater sense of purpose when doing so with a community readers and watchers.

So whats new?

Check out the new YouTube channel – so far with a 2 part interview with lecturer in Arboriculture: Wes Hall of Myerscough College


Check out the full uncut version of the interview in podcast format

So join in and subscribe, keep in touch and comment.

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