Wandering off – sore feet

Yesterday I walked 18 miles and as the euphoria of intrigue and expedition wained into a relentless march I soon felt the reality of my endeavour. I eventually reached my destination in the pouring rain around 9.30pm and treated my tired feet to Vaseline before falling into a deep sleep.

Unfortunately the rain and lack of wind woke me in the early hours as damp had set into all my possessions. Down feathers work very well until wet at which point my sleeping bag became more of hindeerance than a help. Luckily I had the soothing voice of Stephen Fry and the adventures of Sherlock Holmes to tide me over in until sleep found me once more.

A somewhat tragic end to an otherwise spectacular day. A day that took me through the incredible Wye valley and countless ancient woodlands.

It was in these eerily quiet spots where tired feet should find rest. The birds will be happy to sing you a pleasant melody as the ibuprofen kicks in.

The views are unreal, the best of which was the ‘devil’s pulpit’. A outcrop looking down upon an ancient Abbey. Here Lucifer is said to have constantly meddled with monks below. Providing an excellent excuse for those found neglecting their duty..

Soon after this point I found respite, ate a pub dinner and continued climbing. I came across veteran sweet chestnut trees, quaint villages and a rather small dragon. I must say the encounter with the Dragon had me wondering about my sanity be he was quick to reassure me of the situations normality in Wales.

So off i went ending my journey in the birthplace of Heny V (Monmouth) receiving strange looks as folk went about their Friday night drinks. I am sat in a coffee shop there now determined to write this and get some phone charge before I head off.

In that vain signal and charge will be difficult to come by for a few days so posts will be few if any. I am not rushing the next bit, I will enjoy a stroll instead.

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