Wandering off – prologue

After a brief sabbatical from this platform of expression I have returned to put my digital pen to this digital paper.

For the past eleven months I have been trying my utmost to make it in the “real world”. Landed myself a job with promise of a future in an industry I thought would be for me. Yet once again the reality of my nature would not settle and with a crash I knew instantly it wasn’t for me.

So I have left it all, wandered off for the promise of new adventure. To fulfill that promise I’ve decided to wander off into to Welsh border country for two weeks. A chance to recharge and reboot the way I know best.

My bag is packed and I’m ready to go. Tomorrow I will be dropped off in historical Chepstow. In the year 800AD king Offa of Mercia built an epic earthwork defence, stretching 176 miles along the border of England and Wales. A monument I plan to follow all the way.

This promises to be an interesting adventure. One in which the exploration of meaning, self compassion and the natural world will come together. Feel free to join.

Thanks for reading, it’s good to be back.

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