Wandering off – Chepstow and wine

It has been a very successful mission today. My wonderful mother drove us both all the way from Lancaster (4 hours). It was a fair journey and after little persuasion she decided to stay the night. Needless to say this meant good sight seeing, better cider and plenty of chardonnay.

What better start to a healthy walk..

We arrived in Chepstow around 1 maybe 2pm and from there visited the most amazing castle. Built the year after William the conqueror invaded (1066) to protect the mouth of the mighty river Wye.

An invaluable trading route between England (above left) and Wales (above right). This place has seen a history of countless epics involving sieges, the Normans, William Marshall and even Lord Nelson himself

This place is alive with over 1000 years of history and well worth a visit.

In celebration of our successful day, we took ourselves to a local riverside pub. Here we sat beside towering cliffs and put the world to rights.

After some food we ventured onto the Five All’s inn (you read it right) and then to the bar at our accommodation Greenman backpackers hostel (mentioned for it’s sheer awesomeness). Here we met the proprietor (Mick) and lost ourselves in a history only ever tolf by the most local of folk…

Now, sat upon the comfiest bed I have ever experienced in a hostel, with no idea where I’m really heading, I am think to the days ahead. The path is long and unknown to me.

Will I be fit enough? Will I have what I need? Will I become a real adventurer or just some lost plonker somewhere in Wales? Should I have had that last pint?

All I know for sure.. my ma is a good crack on the sesh

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