Chasing the Endorphin Dragon

It takes so long to piece a bedroom back together after it has been torn apart by a rushed attempt to pack for a holiday. As was the case the eve before I set off to the Alps recently, apparently it seemed a good idea at the time to take everything I possess, throw it into the air and hope what I needed would land in the backpack. Since returning several days ago the mammoth task of getting my life in order has been stumped by the fact that it is all quite easy to ignore, lounging about picturing the mountains with a beer in hand is much more appealing.

Where my head goes when I close my eyes

Having spent the week in such spectacular surroundings with the best of company where each hard hike was worth every moment for where it led was pure reward. To sit and laugh, drink and reflect and spend hour upon hour caught in the endorphin rich experience of weary muscles and drunken conversations. The idea of getting back to normality is always a difficult one to come to terms with. perhaps once I have done some writing, posted some pictures and ‘chased the like dragon’ I will be able to focus. Although Genepi would also help…


The nicest yellow spirit around


Surely by now we all know of the strange gratification social media gifts us, allowing others free range engage with us and our stories and as vain or shallow as it may be, so too is it natural and human. Considering oneself above such engagement (as I once did) doesn’t make us cool or ironic, just judgemental and weak, too afraid to risk embarrassment of the ego. There are small highs to be had with each photograph like, comment on a status or share of a blog and why not enjoy these and make the most of it? The main act of course, taking photos, writing and living the experiences are the true rewards themselves but that others may share in a small part of it is no deadly sin.

The pursuit of that perfect pic, unlikley to happen but worth it all the same

Lets Consider endorphins, those delightful chemicals which reward us with what we could consider ‘feeling good’ is obviously an evolutionary mechanism. Never too many for no good reason or we would be as drug addicts, lost to the good feelings and out of all reality. Instead, within the heart of small actions and pursuits which provide endorphin release, that reward us and encourage us to grow and change is where we should take head. Not that this is no time and place for a sesh, good drink or overboard celebration to obtain these rewards but soemthing special is rewarded when ones eyes fall upon snow covered mountains dominating the horizon.

The might of Monte Blanc

Throughout my life and I presume yours, we have experienced these endorphin highs in different ways, with who we are and what we are drawn too being firmly rooted in how we get these experiences. Writing since a young lad for hours upon end for no reason other than the drive from within, Hiking in the hills, listening to nature and satisfying my curiosity are all passions for me and I know this because of how they make me feel. Like signposts they point us in the direction of our destiny and if we can muster even a mild amount of discipline and follow these guides, the rewards are vast and continue to evolve.

When I started to write publicly it only made the experience more interesting, instead of talking to myself I now seemed to be speaking for people to hear and even greater way to write.  So, it must be the same for all of us as we pursue the dream that is unique to us and occasionally events occur in our lives that shake us out of normality so that we breathe free once more. In these moments, we must seize the opportunity to go within and find what has been covered by the comfort of everyday and give at least some credence to the forgotten parts of ourselves.

This place, this adventure and the people I love and lived it with did this for me as I knew they would and in me they have a companion from this life to the next. When we meet again let it also shake our foundations out from under us and may the journey lead within as much as it does without. There is no doubt in me that this bug for adventure and exploration is a worthwhile addiction for without it those first alpinist would have never through to pave the way for the rest of us and conquer the mighty peaks above.

The risk well worth it for even a hint of the reward, this man points to the peak of Monte Blanc

A strange blog giving little in the way of specifics but more enjoyable to write in many ways, despite this there are other aspects and much more picture based stories I wish to tell about this trip. Truly were the mountains in summer light magnificent and worth attention all their own but so too did the forests, flowers and wildlife of the valleys. So, if you have made it this far, please let me know your thoughts of pursuing the endorphin dragon.?

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