Foraging for Sanity: A Last Word


‘Foraging for Sanity is a miniseries exploring a recent five day epic in the lake district, UK. this final act is abstact but very relevent to the whole adventure’

No adventure worth is time is easily made or conquered, every challenge faced is equal or more impactful than the colourful gentle sides may suggest. To get the best view requires the highest climb and to face each new day when the sun dawns we must determine our state of mind. In this regard let me introduce you to a term that encompasses the transmutation of negative moods into amusing positive outlooks and I hope you can apply it to your own life because no doubt it may relate.

That phrase is: RI-DIC-ABLE

When looking, we searched for a word to define the whimsical side of ‘ridiculous’ and combine it with what is quite often and normally seen as ‘horrible’ therefore removing horrible negative side an making it laughable. We were left with: ‘the Ridiculously horrible’ AKA ‘Ridicable’, where circumstances have turned against you and there is naught else to do but laugh and carry on in a stoic manner. Events which are certainly doomed to be ridicable from the outset (like hiking across a storm), but which are undertaken regardless of prior warnings can be seen as ‘redictable’.


“Lightning strikes and thunder crashes, the ensuing rain, quite redictable old chap”

To put this into context here are some examples:

“Last night the campsite flooded, we had to take shelter beneath a boulder until we were drunk enough to get some sleep, despite being horrible, our determination to persist made us laugh at ourselves, the situation was ridicable”.


“The campsite flooding was redictable, we were warned about heavy rain and we camped on a flood plain regardless, oh well let’s have a whiskey”.

Words give meaning to what needs to be expressed, without a word to cover the meaning certain elements we experience cannot be spoken about directly. The exercise of creating our own word is quite absurd but perfectly denoted an experience we have long since come to know intimately. A good example of a word we do not have in English and so give little importance to is ‘hygge’ yet it is quite a beautiful concept. From the Danish language, hygge describes the sense of a moment being in some manner special, cosy or somehow charming. That moment when the day is done and we sit briefly watching the world from a window with a cup of tea.

Setting up camp here, starting a fire and sitting by it into the night ‘Hagge’

Redicable puts phrase to a long-held belief which me and my two companions have forever struggled to define but which forms the basis of our laughter when we consider the futility of our pursuits, the many times things have awry. Many of these events we have experienced and the conditions we chose to endure should have been quite maddening, difficult and dull. When rain pours and all is soaked through, midge cloud around and chase us away, when a wrong turn is made or lunch is lost but no, instead they add to the hilarity of the situation.

What is redicable is experienced as reality and true freedom quite often the best part of our lives, to live entirely without means without a care in the world and then to be challenged mentally while coming through it laughing! Surely you have felt this yourself when among friends and strong-willed individuals, where disaster has left you in giggling uncontrollably, amused at your own misfortune. If not then lighten up, all of our life’s events ought to be seen as redicable because when looked at with even the tiniest hint of introspection, it is but a game we all play.

The day is done, all thats left is a trip to the pub and hours of reflecting on the days ridicable events

This past February we spent three nights in the forest of Galloway making the most of the worst weather Scotland had to offer, not once did it let up and upon our last night events only got worse. Exhausted and back at the bothy we were joined unexpectedly by a large group of thick accented blokes. they had brought guns, crossbows, their own chainsaws and plenty of ‘party’ consumables with a night in mind quite apart from the pleasant evening we had looked forwards to. At the time, it was far from an enjoyable situation but looking back it accounts for endless nights of tale tales and belly acing laughter, the very essence of ridicable.


Well worth the climb down into a hidden valley to earn this view


So please, take this word and spread it far and wide, wherever a situation appears difficult and challenging choose to see its ridicable side and smile to yourself because there will be more of these situations ahead. How we choose to acknowledge our present determines the future to come, it could be one to fear or one to embrace but that is entirely up to us. If we can experience this all with friends, whisky and a good laugh then life is very good indeed at least I reckon so.

The end


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