Foraging for Sanity: part 2

‘Foraging for Sanity is a miniseries exploring a recent five-day epic in the lake district, UK. part two is exploring ways to re-evaluate and break old patterns, I hope you enjoy and please contribute your own stories in the comments’.


Coming up for Air

This second edition of Foraging for sanity considers the need to make us of pattern interruptions (holidays/breaks) with constructive reconditioning to get the most out of time away from the normal routine.

When we set out from Penrith to walk across the lake district, we had on our side an innate understanding of where we were coming from, the three of us, friends since infancy were well used to just this sort of jolly endeavour. With the weather on our side, there was no doubts between either of us that the change in scenery, state and influence would do our soul the world of good. Out of the main part of the town, we came across the first hints of what was to come and it was nothing like we would see on the average Wednesday.

From the heart of Penrith, 10 minutes walking brough us here and we were content

We must all experience this in some form, perhaps the need is the same inside but varies in the way in manifests, some require a week by the sea, others search for sites to see but regardless of the activity our day to day life is put to one side for a brief window. This takes us down from the clouds and back into ourselves, into a reality which seems fairer paced and more like we imagine our dreams to be. Which despite being well worth the chase, can often seem a long way off and out of reach.

Personally, nature plays a large role in my own pursuits of a holiday but it is primarily the goal to live free, challenge my instincts and appreciate the evening sun, to cultivate a temperament of gratitude and enjoy the small moments. setting up camp, sitting by a fire with a whisky in hand and knowing that the next day will lead me and my companions down a road we have not walked to wonders we have yet to see.

The reward of all adventure is what we see

All the while what is false within us is ground away, the conditioning that has made its way into our being as we have worked away to achieve our goals and do as we do is seen for what it is and fades. Behind these through patterns, beliefs and small-minded ways arises our true nature we know so well and there is no better feeling to be had. This feeling is the means and purpose to a holiday break away, it is what we ought never to forget because it is who we are at our core.

The subconscious impact modern society can have upon us is what eventually calls us to make a change so we can move on from a renewed and empowered place. From each break we take, mundane patterns are interrupted and we find clarity from a much deeper place and see clearly what was previously obscure.

The vastness is full and yet empties those who look upon it

Empowered by this new perspective, the greatest of dilemmas appear manageable, the conflicts that have arisen where we must deal with other more pressing issues begin to surface and can be resolved. For me, I was about to embark on the next great chapter of this wonderful life and although I had been enthusiastic it was not until this trip that I felt the certainty and strength to make this next step. Within the confines of my tent at night I pondered on the many adventures to come and conditioned a state of mind not only willing to make the leap but eager to do it with all the power of my will.

Many good sleeps had in this space over those nights

Interrupting the old patterns clears out the stale energies we build up, it refreshes the state in which we live every day and offers a very real opportunity to see where we can make valuable changes. Sometimes we must come up for air even when life is enjoyable, rewarding and deserving of gratitude it never hurts to see it from a new place. Today, it is two weeks since the end of our trip and I am in a new home and I have started a new job, my whole life pattern has been hugely interrupted.

Within this change I feel old conditioning weaken and the presence of fresh insight every day, just as I did on this trip where adventure, the natural world and close friends made the way. I hope each of us can find ways to break the norm, even just for five minutes so that we get to meet ourselves again, it is really rather enjoyable 🙂

Yes the real world waited us as we posed at the end of our journey but renewed and awake there is nothing to fear

Authors note: I always get to talk endlessly about myself here, what I really want is to know more about you, how do you break your patterns? It doesn’t have to be huge trips away, what do you do daily to being yourself back to you and clear you mind and how does that work for you? Perhaps I can give it a try myself.

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