Foraging for Sanity: part 1

Foraging for Sanity

‘Foraging for Sanity is a miniseries exploring a recent five day epic in the lake district, UK. Part one is a simple overvue to set the scene’.

Roman and Rain Coats

Laughter is the steam which erupts to relieve and vent the build-up of pressure through which pent up energy is gleefully released in an expression of happiness for all those involved. Contagious, it will pounce without warning, especially in the presence of old friends where even the most practiced poker face is will lapse. This experience, prolonged and intensified is one of the best healers we have available so when a muddled life could do with being straightened out, a reliable formula is good friends, warm weather and adventure at its best.

Let the adventure begin

Our route would vaguely follow an old Roman road which was used to penetrate the harsh north from the sea fort at Ravenglass. The image of heavily armoured soldiers descending the peaks and hills in today’s world of rain coats and walking boots became quite the contrast as we made progress. Although this would be the inspiration for the route we would take it was not until we came across the old fort ruins by Hardknott pass that it played a major role in our journey, primarily because it was still in such good shape.

Nearly 2000 thousand years ago, this nearest building was a Roman commanders home

Imagine long ago before the time of Hadrian’s wall, when the North was just as wild as todays weather suggests it was, how fickle and cruel these mountains must have been. Across the valleys and around the hills marauding armies clashing over supplies while cultures battled to dominate the land and its people. It was a humbling experience siting here, considering the passing of time and how those soldiers must have believed their empire would stand forever and how different worlds can appear so much alike. Still, there was no I-phone to keep those men occupied, only the sound of gale force winds as storms barrelled up the valleys from the sea.

A storm comes
The sound of thunder precedes the heavy rain of a lakeland storm

As I mentioned, it was not until near the end that this part of the adventure became apparent, not all consideration was given over to such deep and bleak thought, in fact most of the journey focused on whatever small detail would prove the greatest laugh. We climbed rocky crags to muse on stone circles, we slumbered under clear skies blanketed by stars and reminisced over childhood antics all the while foraging for the sanity we so easily leave behind at home. It was a freedom of spirit and a grounding of the soul as we were left pondering over life so much larger and long lasting than our own.

My friends yellow sleeping matt, not much good for sleeping but fantastic for laughs

The mind begins to open and ease off the acceleration when you look outwards onto a horizon which never seems to end, stretching time out beore you. At home, we are walled in with water on tap and food in the fridge, a reality we have created for ourselves and one we should all be grateful for but one which often denies us a challenge to focus upon. In nature, we experience the pace of life native to us, which forged every part of our living bodies and as long grass tilts upon rolling hills and animals graze in the midday sun, ease sits peacefully upon the world and all is made well.

Clarity is a matter of persepctive, what we focus on we see clearly

Next time

In part 2 of this miniseries I want to explore the trappings of a comfortable life and where it can lead while emphasising the gains that came with the physical and mental challenges faced during this adventure. How the rewards of pursuing a challenge have provided me with a certainty, a clear vision of where I want to be, what I want to be doing and how I am going to do it. So, join me again and I will see you soon.


Authors note on ‘Adventure and Arb’

‘Adventure and Arb is being born anew, I am about to embark on a new chapter of my life and it will play a large role. I hope to grow it like a brand and explore all things that ignite my passions and dreams, it is a place for me to vent my purpose and no matter how long it takes, bit by bit I will grow it as I grow myself. In that spirit please like and share, give feedback and follow me on Facebook and Instagram, there is nothing more exciting nor naive than a first step in the right direction.’


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