The silent nature of truth

2016 will not be a year that is soon forgotten but it will be forgotten eventually. Before we delve into the depths of this blog it is appropriate to realise this. Remember we live temporary lives, this is a temporary universe, old father time will not stop for the whims or wishes of humanity. There will come a point where not even the slightest hint of a memory of these times remains. The blip that is our life on the surface of this beautiful planet, is only as important as we make it out to be. Can we take a step back from that, from yourself and breathe, be grounded in silence, quiet the mind and continue…?


Truth, as difficult as it is to describe, cannot exist within the mind alone, as an idea, we know this because our minds are made up of physical process. The ‘me’ that claims to know what truth is, is built upon these temporary, biological structures and therefor is limited in what it can comprehend by both available information and a supply of resources. This may seem like an incredibly crude way of describing life but unless we start here, the mind will struggle to get over itself, an essential requirement for understanding reality as it is.

Truth does not rely upon conditions like right or wrong, it is not dependent upon acceptance to exist and will never care whether we want it to be different. The best we can hope for is to experience the truth and sharpen our awareness of it, once more, a clouded mind full of notions, ideas and beliefs will only experience truth through a very small lens. This is not always our fault; we are born into a role and go with it because we see everyone else doing the same thing, often it takes tremendous suffering before we are willing to let go of these narrow world views.

This suffering occurs naturally because when we base a belief structure or ‘way of thinking’ upon such a tiny portion of an infinitely large reality, we are deciphering everything there is to know about a book and its story based on one word on page 47… Yet it can feel very important to defend this limited reality we grew up in, it feels safe and certain, it is a place from which we can judge the rest of the world. Unfortunately, when we rely upon ignorance to shape our worlds we become false, we allow ourselves to go blind and angry at opinions that threaten our tiny ideals.

Truth is often the voice that does not speak, we see this when customers rage about experiences, when a friend find something personally deplorable. The one person whose meal came out a bit burnt and was personally insulted, raged about it on the internet, for some reason this one person we often listen to, we deem this loud but tiny voice worthy of deciding what reality is for us. I have done this plenty of times myself, often repeating what I read or hear to others despite the fact my information is not at all based on my truth, but one opinion of someone I know nothing about.

As voices come together on a subject, those who disagree become victimized, attacked, condemned and called racist, sexist, stupid etc. no wonder they feel the need to remain silent. Truth is clear the day statistical results present themselves, despite the common narrative, despite the tone of the media and despite the loud calls by those who opposed the outcomes. Now we can continue assaulting those we ignored, denying the reality of what has happened or perhaps try to learn more about ourselves.

There is always opportunity from every experience, this truth is life and why we exist today. There is never a sure way to know what is right or wrong and strength of character is bred from making the most out of what is available to you. To do this one must accept truth as the truth, we are all welcome to fight reality but it will not change the fact that at this moment, right now, the truth simply is.

When one can step away from the turmoil of the collective consciousness, remove themselves from engagement momentarily and simply watch without attachment or bias, the political arena comes across rather like an amusing play. Can you find humour in the most serious of issues? Can you lighten the weight of importance by detaching yourself? It is very important that you can or you will be a slave to whatever comes your way, one must be able to observe all there is without attachment to any of it to discern truth and grow in wisdom.

If we do not all learn to do this, time will continue in the direction it always has and perhaps the world we have made will come crashing down in flames. Maybe we will evolve into hyper-intelligent creatures capable of making the cruel decisions that logic dictates, we simply do not know and building a mind frame based on such uncertainties helps nobody. So instead of being sure of yourself, perhaps now is the time to question the very thing we never do, the stability of our own ideals.

This may appear to be counter-intuitive but if your world is a confused one where the direction no longer makes sense, where hope seems lost and institutions failed, then it is ‘your world’ which need re-examining. Have we become lazy, over critical and hypocritical? Do we preach the need for freedom of expression while condemning any expression that is not our own?

We have come a long way from a time where children were seen and not heard, where racism, sexism and genuine disrespect corrupted our consciousness but there is another extreme. One where all values are lost, where no purpose is cared for and where dreams are pointless and cynicism rules the day. This is fast becoming the state of play, too easily do we judge and condemn while ourselves doing nothing, to easily to we hate before we debate and far too often do we tar entire groups with the same brush once we find out they are left or right wing.

This why we are all so shocked at the recent changed, we can undermine those who demanded change all we want but when we do we are denying reality. Not everyone who wanted the changes of 2016 were somehow lesser human beings and ask yourself if someone insulted you because of how you wanted to decide, would that be any way to get you to change your view? If we do not engage with all aspects of the truth, it will remain silent to us, it will fear condemnation but it will act in a majority when the chance is given, those who are left in shock have nobody to blame but themselves.

Regardless of that we must accept what ‘is’, for we cannot deny it as much as we can deny the inevitability of death, have fun and laugh about it, ponder at what these changes could mean. Remove the madness from yourself before you try to remove it from others, not that this is as simple as it sounds but understanding that may help us forgive and sympathise, which is the first step towards healing our divisions. There is much healing needed so let the rest of 2016 run its course, let us drink, debate, laugh and love for 2017 approaches… whether we like it or not.

20161105_150721 1.jpg

Within my heart there is space to accept all that has happened this year, to use it to get closer to the truth, to go deeper, to learn clarity of mind despite the storms that come. If humanity has one strength it is our ability to adapt to new realities, especially in times of uncertainty and if we each of us take that responsibility on then we can come together. There will be hard times ahead but we are born for the challenge, we can make of this whatever we wish and will be held to account by future generations based on how we embrace this reality.

Who am I to say such things? What side am I on? Nobody and neither but on top of all that happened this year I lost my father, I am 25 years old and I watched him pass away. It was horrendous, far worse than anything I have ever felt, yet in my acceptance of the event I am finding a new strength, in its infancy while the emotions are raw but growing by the day.  This acceptance my father taught me, it is neither condoning or condemning of reality, it is a clarity from which I can move forward, it is what ‘Is’

There is no person in existence who represents you and your truth better than you, do not let silver tongued promises of idealism remove your natural ability to know the truth, whatever that may be. Condemn and undermine the ability of those who differ from and you and you ignore their reality, if you do this how can you expect them to accept yours? Remember this is all temporary, hate and anger blind us and only a clear mind will make sense of this strange world, there are more storms to come, that truth will not leave us simply because we wish it to.

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