Adventure, Conquest and Companionship

Last time I blogged there was a tether… and I was rather close to the end of it thank you very much, a strange combination of downward spirals had me all a mist in the ol brain department, peering through the clouds I saw nothing. Alas today I sit before this desk breathing easily, the weight of the world jolly well punted off my shoulders and an easy going grin sitting comfortably somewhere beneath these eyes. Already I miss the clear air, the stunning landscapes and the bracing cold of the purest streams, I miss the excitement of what comes next and the ease of what was there and then, the character and insight that springs from every hidden nook, for there is nothing more rejuvenating like a proper adventure!


From the moments of belly breaking laughter to the unique feeling of quiet adoration these times are special, encompassing all I want and need from life in a handy package delivered once in a beautiful while just when that edge has grown closer and its transformative power is needed the most. The is no set description for adventure, there cannot be for each of us have a unique taste on the subject and what I get from the outdoors another may find upon a wild night out, but in this case it was a combination of incredible nature and the best of company.


These are the two people I could conquer to world with and we have been friends since the start of primary school around the age of 4 but it was our early teenage years that began our time as brothers in adventure. Together we have been fortunate enough to discover a formula, one which every now and then extracts us from our individual lives and unceremoniously packs us into a vehicle head North and which today has been crafted into a fine art. Laughter is guaranteed so healthy and boisterous it leaves the belly cramped in shock, amazing sights increase in frequency the closer we get to our destination and appreciation of every moment is heightened by the efforts of all parties in putting life aside to make it happen.


This past weekend was our only chance this side of Christmas to make an adventure happen and we did, both Sam’s live away now, one in Manchester and the other London, they have full-time jobs, partners and responsibilities. I am extremely grateful these adventures are as important to them as they are to me because despite all that there was never any doubt all three of us would be there when we made the call, ‘Wastewater in October’. We arrived late Friday to the beautiful Wasdale Hall hostel, discovering full kitchen facilities, lovely staff, a bar and in the basement, once an old cellar to this old hall was a games room, table tennis, whisky and good smoke under the clear sky marked our first night.


The next morning after a full English breakfast (sausage, beacon, beans and fried egg) we paddled out into the lake where the magnificence of the surrounding peaks reflected immaculately upon the crystal clear waters and the day began. It just so happened as so often does with these strange adventures that this was no ordinary weekend in this valley, it was in fact host to small eventful agricultural show. There we wandered in after casually bumping into one of the Sam’s old Uni mates washing off in a stream who joined us for the afternoon, Fell running, sheep sheeping, dogs running 10 mile races across the hillsides and parachutes people only too happy entertain the crowds below.

We had a very English time of it and it was to be the epitome of ‘nice’ in every way before we left our temporary comrade and made camp upon the shore, Scarfell awaited us the next day but the evening was an event in itself. Sat around a fire, the calm lake sleeping silently before us surrounded by the towering silhouettes of the valleys peaks, we ate, laughed and reflected on anything and everything as ever we do. The next morning we woke, jumped into the lake and prepared ourselves for Scarfell.


We set out along the well-trodden path, winding along a gentle river looking back unto the lake below, the atmosphere was amazing as the past two days energy buzzed between us. I have fallen in love with hiking as it is but to do it with my two oldest friends and to the top of the tallest peek in our home country was spectacular, we each of us were up for it, game for the challenge and ready to dig deep. In our shorts and t-shirts looking oddly out-of-place we tootled up the stony path, I say tootled but the reality is we enjoyed pushing ourselves and did a fair job at it, taking the steeper route we didn’t stop much except to enjoy the view. After ascending the steep scree path of the false peak we enjoyed a final walk upon the summit rocks before standing at the top, delight, contentment and tiredness filling our every breath


The walk down signalled our final journey on foot, old father time had made itself known, there were trains to catch and things to organize but we didn’t let ourselves rush, we never do. Stopping for a rewarding relax half way down we had a final chance to take in the weekend, all of its madness of which I could express only a small mount here had each of us pondering how far we ought to live from places like this, from adventure at our doorstep. The whole event shook each of us out of the day in day out and left its impression, each trip we make seems only to get better every time and this was no exception, even the sunset driving back waved us a beautiful goodbye.


I obviously cannot speak for either Sam as their own version of the event would speak uniquely but I know now completely that not only would I suffer without these adventures but I would not survive, the energy they provide me personally is almost tangible. I know they will always be a part of me and the three of us will continue to adventure together and individually, I hope if you have read this far then you too feel and understand what I’m speaking of and I hope honestly you make adventures too.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog because I really enjoyed writing it, in fact its fuelling my desire to continue adventuring and blogging about it, maybe a month in the wilds or something, anyway time to finish with some shameless promoting, every share of this post helps me keep this up 😀

Much love either way!

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