Those small moments

What will be the topic of this blog? It’s been a while and there is certainly no super exciting reason for that I quite simply have not found the time, not that it wasn’t there of course but I just couldn’t quite find it. Life has well and truly kicked into motion once more as I write this two days into my second year degree of study and the reality of what this requires from me has gone from a distant pondering to a rather beast like burden. Not that I want to sound negative, the passion that I find during the study of Arboriculture is something quite extraordinarily entertaining and the work involved, well it has to get done and the adventure is finding a way to keep it interesting.


With that said I have recently purchased a wee little two strength magnifier from Waterstones, I know you must on the edge of your seats right now but it gets better, this little doo-hicky has a light as well :0… needless to say much of my recent time has been spent looking very closely at details I had never before suspected to see on leaves, branches, twigs etc… In fact through close examination of a nettle my feelings towards them have softened somewhat, I mean sure they bite a tad but look closely and you will see a network of intricate biological forms that look almost like an enchanted forest grown from crystal… or just a spiky leaf depending on your preference.
This quite nicely brings me to the point of this little ramble which was so adequately named ‘those small moments’, which to anyone kind enough to return to my blog will know I have mentioned before. There cannot be much harm in mentioning it again though surely? To reinforce the point and bring it home on a gentle Wednesday afternoon after the hectic nature of the day has subsided and I can sit admiring the sun cross the car park and watch all the interesting people pootle in and out in their motor cars.
Before I restarted college this year I gave myself a week off from working in order to get everything ready, to do a kind of spring clean inwardly and outwardly ready for the challenging months ahead. This endeavour started with my room, my home which over the time here has developed (in the way such places do) from a cold uninviting space to a living environment reflecting what I like in life. Across the walls, leaves of all types, pressed and preserved give that hint of life that always lift the spirits, my door is a shrine to the Camino, my certificate, passport and photos of my pilgrim family cover every inch of wood. An old fashioned map of the world greats me each morning while a more detailed Od map watches me as a work at my desk, inviting me to examine it and find new interesting places to visit.
A Buddha sits on a set of draws, my favourite (now un-usable) bamboo fibre hiking socks wrapped neatly around his shoulders as he smiles away, warm and content before three tea lights that transform a cold night into a snug evening in. a small coaster. Stuck to the wall beside my light switch and always ready to wave me goodbye is a picture of a hare riding a tricycle besides which is written the words ‘its time for an adventure’. Finally should the weather (as it is today) be a glorious array of sunlight cascading across the garden I can venture out onto my balcony where various plants of all sizes sit relaxing eager for me to take up a seat and join them.

When tidy, all those small moments of change, of nurture and growth this room, this home make this a very nice place to be and one cannot help but be great full for those feelings, especially after the blues of returning here hit so hard after the Camino. For the first time since that point I felt like I was in the place I was supposed to be, I used my time to sit and read, play some guitar and watch the world go by, my mind went from a turmoil of this, that and everything else to a tranquil lake and I was ready for College but for one thing, a final taste of adventure and nature.
This came last weekend with a short-lived but fantastic trip up to the Lake District, it came almost like a message that all was in balance and this was the reward of those action. we arrived in the evening on Saturday to join friends in a small campsite at the base of Helvyllen, spent the night in the pub and back at camp making merry before the next morning when we began to ascend England’s second tallest, very well walked peak. Amazingly the weather was with us and as my dormant leg muscles re-awoke from weeks of inactivity I pushed them and my companions to their limits as the thrill of the hike came back.

I almost forgot my friends had not had the luxury of a grand hike that summer as I watched them red faced braking through pain barriers to keep up but they did it and in good time before we came over the first crest and the peak came into view. In this moment my cousins spirit nearly broke as I pointed to the ominous looking final accent and smiled saying ‘that one’s Helvyllen’… it was properly not the best timing as we had just reached the end of the hardest push, instead of rest and reward I offered further pain and suffering…
That was all soon forgotten as our little dog companion trotted ahead and we finished the climb with a fun scramble, passing everyone ahead of us and reaching the arid top, looking around to see that great view, those rare small moments when just what you see leaves you in awe.

After that we made an unofficial pact, we need to do this more often and for myself as my studies ebb and flow in intensity I must make sure not to lose this great full feeling I have, to live and to love living, to enjoy the small moments where I can. With that said I was in some doubt as to whether I will be able to keep the blog up however writing it, like this moment right now is just the sort of endeavour I am talking about. Hopefully with all the exciting events and field trips my course entails this year I will find plenty of little reasons to write considering most days of study are like mind-blowing revelations from the biological world to the intricate ecosystems of a single tree! That’s for the future and only time will reveal what’s held there so for now thank you for reading.
Only a small blog this time but I fancied a reflective natter with you dear reader and I hope it was worth the read, if not well here is a picture of a dog after conquering a mountain 🙂


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