A second scribbling.. time again already?

So I have a blog now and I’ve been pondering what that means having never had one..

“Does this mean I need to blog a lot? What if I don’t have anything to say? Should I invent something, or perhaps spend more time looking around to see if inspiration leaps up and throws me a bone?”

Well needless to say I did look around a bit more and found a number of exiting topics including the weather… (Too obvious (especially in this grey rainy place))… erm well my sock draw had something going on for a bit but it’s a long story with no happy ending so that was out… I did want to talk more about my hippie pants but I didn’t want to exhaust that goldmine too quickly so instead I decided to carry until it felt right… and it does!

So the other day I attended the funeral of my oldest Aunt who finally passed away after suffering with dementia for years, not the most cheery start but I assure you it’s well worth a mention. She was a fantastic character, did her own thing and didn’t give a damn if people liked it or not, a legend of the family who has left a legacy of beautiful people children, grandchildren and extended family who will carry her memory perfectly. It is always slightly odd being reunited with the extended part of my very large family, I could almost be 5 again running rings around them all while the same faces bore genuine smiles, their hands still held pints and the atmosphere was light and easy.

During the actual ceremony there was a poem read called ‘the dash’ written by a no doubt pleasant lady called Linda Ellis, it has a fantastically simple theme referring to the small dash you see on a gravestone between the dates that signal birth and death. The writer most eloquently pointed to the fact that this small symbol, overlooked and unimportant actually represents the whole of the person’s life, all their love, happiness pain, friendships, everything about them that had any life symbolized by a small unconsidered line. Anyway I would recommend everyone read it, simply because it’s only a small and simple idea but it does seem that it’s the small, simple things which contain so much more than we give them credit for.

This brings me onto my second story about my ever so exciting life in Lancaster, the time since my return has had its ups and down but mainly ups which is quite the achievement some would say. It is always hard to get back into the swing of things but this time around I am happy to say the swing is somewhat more filled than in the past. Not with endless huge tasks which must be super important and taken very seriously but instead with small enjoyable moment which require simple making to happen.

Yesterday me and my cousin were exhausted from several days of fun and drink and very little sleep, all very fun but by the time Friday came around we were both home around half six and dreading the idea of brainlessly trawling the internet for something to do. then it hit me, my walking companion Roy had been back home for some time and for three days been informing me and the rest of my Camino family of his 20k walks…

“I haven’t walked once since been back” was the first revelation that hit me, then each time he mentioned it the itch to get out on my two feet grew (cheers Roy), so at half six on Friday evening I did it. Both me and my cousin enjoyed a leisurely stroll of around 8km (okay not 20 but still) and broke it up with an hour by the river watching the sunset and the birds next to driftwood fire. Tiredness forgotten it was the first time I felt as… something as I had so many times in Spain and when we finally got home I realised it was that small decision to do something instead of nothing that makes the day worth doing 🙂

Anyway just a few things worth scribbling about for my second blog and if you have made it all the way to this point I once more thank you for your valuable time 🙂

Making the most of a lazy day
Making the most of a lazy day (taken by Steve)

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